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In Romania journalist reveals whether a prosecutor or sentenced to jail or sentenced to hard labor for life!

I made a petition to help the Ondine Ghergut, found here:
Am facut o petitie pentru a o ajuta pe Ondine Ghergut , O gasiti aici : 

In Romania journalist reveals whether a prosecutor or sentenced to jail or sentenced to hard labor for life!

Sign and share the petition so that we help this journalist, remember signing help media freedom in Romania .

I write this petition to help our brave journalist Ondine Ghergut wrongfully convicted because ASCO to light some evidence of DNA yard look dirty politics in Romania. It is a restriction of freedom of expression. Below journalist Ondine Ghergut present case. 
PS. : Excuse the translation is done by Google Translate.

Scriu aceasta petite pentru a veni in ajutorul  curajoasei  jurnaliste Ondine Ghergut condamnata pe nedrept , pentru ca ascos la lumina niste probe din curtea DNA care arata murdaria politica din Romania . Este o ingradire a libertatii de exprimare . Mai jos prezint cazul jurnalistei Ondine Ghergut . 
PS. : Scuzati traducerea este facuta de Google translator .

Yes you have not read anything wrong: 
In Romania a business journalist reveals whether a prosecutor or sentenced to jail or sentenced to hard labor for life!
Appropriate Ghergut journalist Ondine is a process that is doomed to pay no more and no less than 300 000. It is the night of the mind, that in Romania, the country where they earn 200 euros per month, to pay a fine of 300 000 for defamation. Yes take and calculate imartit 300 000 200 equals 1500 years (of course the journalist did not win that. But put in place common man. 
In socialism it is normal people should shut up and obey the elected garnishment where mouths are destroyed. In the halcyon days of communism shut you up in a concentration camp and never saw the light of day ... and if you were a man Vrede done mentally. Behold the land of Pinocchio and Varan, monitor lizards can not be condemned for the destruction of this country and those who tell the truth are exterminated and removed from the circuit.
Sabin Orcan journalist was performed on B1 TV station says : 
" Ondine Ghergut understand that one of the most talented and honest investigative journalists in the Romanian press, was sentenced by the court for damages of 300,000 euros. The reason? They say it would be wrinkled image Sâmpetru Marcel former prosecutor. 
The sentence against our colleague is not final, but says a lot about the way justice works when it comes to "locate" the honor of a magistrate!  Uninitiated should know that Sâmpetru is a former Attorney General of Romania, which at one time was plotting with another attorney and member of the CSM, George Balan to be promoted ahead Prosecutor USL. Intercepted by SRI, including when he gave meeting to negotiate with Victor Ponta, the two were indicted by DNA. 
Now, were acquitted by a panel of the High Court, but will appeal.  For exposing these things, Ondine was punished by the District Court in March to pay a sum worth her salary by about 25 years!  I find it far more diabolical punishment than when defamation was criminal penalties. 
And tell you that a man who was sentenced in 1997 to one year of imprisonment, also because I wrote about a prosecutor.  Obviously, I went to jail, was acquitted on appeal. But I understood that the judge likes it rather bury you in debt than to send you to jail. For the sake of image, no awareness ... 
Now, it's much easier to destroy the career of a journalist arms Civil Code. We condemn tens of thousands of dollars and you solve life! "
Ondine Ghergut Romania Libera newspaper journalist says : 
How is punished a journalist (subsemnata!) ptr was watchdog and who has jumped to the rescue 
Today, a foundation (I do not know!) Made a request for intervention ptr to defend myself in a lawsuit with former prosecutor accused of corruption, Marcel Sâmpetru. I lost the 3rd District Court and damages were huge (total of claims accepted by the court, cost me about 300,000 euros). This intervention helped me a lot.  THANK foundation!  To my shame, I did not remember the name of the foundation; Tomorrow I go to the file to see who defended me and can not thank them directly. 
MARCEL Sâmpetru, former Deputy Attorney General of Romania, former Deputy Secret Service of the Ministry of Interior, former deputy DGA, Ministry of Interior, was the foreign minister, former adviser and director at Parliament sued me ptr that November 2011, I wrote that he was appointed advisor to the Superior Council of Magistracy although his name appears in several corruption scandals, and in an indictment (of several officers SRI which I wrote more) appear as perpetrators. 
 Wrote, among other things, that such appointments by compromising the overall design of the fight against corruption that we have a new team of CSM.   
Sâmpetru sued me ptr press offense. "Culpele" my main (among others): I played wiretaps of the indictment in which he was indicted ptr Ciofu corruption prosecutor (sentenced); I gave the file fragments Intelligence Officers (all convicted definitively meantime); I wrote about his involvement in the release of OmarHayssam Sâmpetru (fled the country after his release from detention, but was sentenced to 20 years in prison ptr kidnapping Romanian journalists in Iraq), as initially reported a prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu etc. . 
Well, after 7 months in Romania Libera appearance of a series of three articles about CSM counselor Sâmpetru, ie July 2012, DNA has "caught" both Sâmpetru adviser SCM, as well as his boss, former vice president of CSM GEORGE Balan. For the interceptions me play resulted, inter alia, methods to try to get the Prime Minister Ponta functions of prosecutor general, chief DNA respectively.  
She also surprised and asked him how Sâmpetru boss DGIPI ILFOV Mihai Vlad (Sâmpetru was boss!) Compromising secret information about the former Minister of Transport, Ovidiu Silaghi, for example.  In other words, my warnings journalism - the watchdog of society - in November 2011 and January 2012 were confirmed in July 2012 (YEAR coup) and have resulted subsequently in an indictment that MARCEL were indicted Sâmpetru George Balan, head DGIPI Ilfov, Mihai Vlad, and judge of the High Court, Georgeta Barbălată.  
At first instance the High Court consisting of three judges, only Judge Barbalata was sentenced, others (ie and Sâmpetru) - pay (amendment: of the three judges who heard the case Sâmpetru and others two years prosecutors were subordinate Balan's right and Sâmpetru was head of one of them). 
Probably in autumn sentence defined DNA file, the defendants are Sâmpetru, Balan and others will be given by the supreme court of five judges.  I, however, have been convicted of first instance ptr that I Sâmpetru image prosecutor violated his "immaculate" with an "exceptional career path" as the complainant in writing referral to court! (As if it was never indicted by DNA)  Sâmpetru forgot to say that, in 2006, Macovei former justice minister, called for his dismissal from the post of Deputy General Prosecutor of Romania. 
He took care of his resume immaculate: he resign immediately after Macovei asked to sanction.  Reason: request the Minister to remain pointless and he, as a prosecutor, not dismissed driving and obviously not to be poppies resume ..  Sâmpetru used Resignations institution in 2012, after DNA has criminal action ptr corruption or assimilated to corruption and raided the office of CSM.
  Sâmpetru and resigned ptr Judicial Inspection of the SCM checks remain pointless and his resume to remain as: clean.  He was lucky his boss ptr CSM, Balan has not resigned and he looked Judicial Inspection block.
Only DNA were co-defendants in the case!  Although my evidence is material in the file, I was convicted, the trial's principal Sâmpetru George Balan WITNESS testimony, that his boss at CSM, the persona indicted by DNA in the same file corruption with Sâmpetru, which I wrote EXCLUSIVELY (interceptari!).  Obviously BĂLAN was in obvious enemies with me, I just wrote about how DNA caught the "running" the USL leaders as functions of Attorney General and chief prosecutor DNA!  Normally, the court of first instance should not accept testimony from a witness. Finally, in my case there are many other oddities. 
Here is that when not much hope (I had some problems with my lawyer to fund!) I jumped foundation aid. I am deeply impressed  and, with the nod, thanks!  What have I achieved? ONLY a reprieve! The next one is on October 20, 2014. 
Till then I hope I can better prepare my defense! And, who knows, maybe in the meantime, others will come near me!
In limba romana gasiti textul aici : 

foto : DNA a scurs interceptarile dintre Ponta si Balan unei ...pdf

Semnati si distribuiti petitia pentru ca sa o ajutam pe aceasta jurnalista , nu uitati semnand ajutati libertatea presei in Romania : 

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